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Nature's Cry
Please help to balance humanity with nature all over the universe including France


Please help to balance humanity with nature in America ...

This is hard to believe- U.S. Storms and Tornadoes and Hurricane Sandy

United States: 2011 Tornado and Disaster Relief...

This is hard to believe - Japan's devastating Earthquake and Tsunami
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Earthquake "ring of fire" map

Earth's energy motions(e-motions).

Energy movement in harmony with nature please...
Provide Crucial Aid to Victims of Philippines Typhoon. Help Now!
Help to balance humanity with nature- click here to donate to Japanese disaster relief
Please donate to the Connecticut school tragedy

Educated Guessing:
1(sexual educators) or 3 person pre-marriages tends to have pitty tripping people, aloof people, or both.
2 or 4 person pre-marriages tends to have Interrogators, Intimidators or both.

Executive branch could consist of 1(sexual educators) and 2 person pre-marriages.
Legislative branch could consist of 3 and 4 person pre-marriages.
Judicial branch could consist of 3 and 2 person pre-marriages.
Nomadic International recruiting branch could consist of 1(sexual educators) and 4 person pre-marriages.
Nomadic International peaceful colonizing branch could consist of 1(environmental celibates) and 5 person sexual educators.

"67.Everyone, says that my Tao is great,
seemingly different (from yours).
Because it is great, it seems different.
If it were not different,
it would have vanished long ago.
I have three treasures which I hold and keep.
The first is mercy;
the second is economy (thrifty);
the third is daring not to be ahead of others (which draws jealousy).
From mercy comes courage;
from economy comes generosity;
staying behind ensures maturity and fulfillment.
Nowadays men shun mercy and be brave;
abandon economy and be wasteful;
do not believe in humility, but always try to be the first.
This ensures death.
Mercy brings victory in battle and strength in defense.
If *God wants to save him, makes him have mercy."
-Tao te Ching
*God and/or the universe

Interracial marriages are only partially legal. When a black couple from a black neighbor can marry a white couple from a white neighborhood and switch between neighborhoods and raise black, white, and interracial children together, than interracial marriages are legal.

Did they(a vague scary word for some people) record my privacy and didn't tell me nothing?

Then they murdered my mother? I wasn't there so there is no way for me to know. Some people make too much money. I feel like someones target.
I tried to forget this but I don't think I can. Sponsor psychology reform to accommodate interracial marriages. Why are you sponsoring murder and invasion of privacy?
Monogamy is starting to look really abusive toward interracial people.
There are too many people that lie to me because they lie about me. It is hard for me to know whether are not I can trust anyone. There is too much racial and gender favoritism. Regardless of what happens we will still continue to work for heaven on earth. Denying privacy to interracial people and then denying that you are denying their privacy creates a psychological homelessness.The same could be said about forcing monogamous marriages on interracial people.

Is there hope for one love marriages?(affirmative action marriages, where 2 people marriages are illegal or is that too much? If so, why are 4 person marriages too much? Why would God want us to raise our children in potentially racist environments? Why would God want us to create potentially racist environment?) UUPA choices the choice you didn't know you had. Aftermath

Where you can infinitely explain your love for someone because you can't explain your love for someone.
Where you can share your partner with someone else because you can't share your partner with someone else.
Where you can move a mountain for someone because you can't move a mountain for someone.

Lord, I thank you.(Infinite Light)
Lord, I appreciate this time and ability I have to pray. (Infinite Sound)
Lord, I appreciate all the blessings that can be easily taken for granted at times. (Infinite Love)

Lord, I pray that people begin to honor the God Paradox in the 10th commandment and people begin to both serve there husbands and wives as both man-servants, maidservants, husbands and wives. Please help people share and take turns serving and being serve. I pray that people begin to acknowledge and respect interracial and single-racial people by not coveting their privacy and not using it to murder them.

Lord, I thank you.(Infinite Light, Sound, and Love)
Lord, out of the abundance of this appreciation, I pray to pre-marry a woman who shares what we appreciate about each other in ways that raise and care for our families together in the love, in the light, and in the joy of infinite heaven(a better world).


"Healing needs to happen now, rather than putting it off in favor of guilt punishing the Rainbow Spirits any more for failing to see themselves as worth enough in the sight of God just for being who they are. If the Rainbow Spirits are now ready to heal and begin manifesting their gifts instead of their denials, they have gifts of great beauty to give. Having gone down so far, many of the Rainbow Spirits envision healing as finally coming out on top. This would not be balance either. Any swing of the pendulum always swings back again until balance is found. The swing upward has increased guilt and the swing down has increased blame. Neither has worked out so far. The balance of Spirit and Will is important now because neither one can live without the other, and harmony can never be found unless they balance in the Heart. I have gone the whole road of imbalance with the Will, and for those who would like My help, I have much more information to give. What I am giving now is what can be given in this first book on Original Cause."

-Original Cause. The Unseen Role of Denial
by: Channeler (contact) - 08 Jun '11 - 17:24
Rush- Closer to the Heart Lyrics

And the men who hold high places
Must be the ones who start
To mold a new reality
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart
The blacksmith and the artist
Reflect it in their art
They forge their creativity
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart

Philosophers and ploughmen
Each must know his part
To sow a new mentality
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart
You can be the captain
I will draw the chart
Sailing into destiny
Closer to the heart
by: Closer to the Heart (contact) - 10 Jun '11 - 13:44

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