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Welcome to the blog on the artistic science of expression and the study of metaphysics and science interaction and how it relates to human expression via art and other forms of communication. I can't tell if you are my father, Orlando. Please don't lie about me or my mother anymore, I don't want anyone else in this family to die. I don't want to sue for defamation of character unless I have to. You may have the wrong idea sometimes because no one is perfect. If you want I can take you off this blog just email me or call me.
Thought Vibration Affirmations:
Inbetween these hippie parents of mine

Happiness is Eternal.
The paradox is the effort of effortlessness known as the release. It takes the allowance of a paradox in your reality. Intuition is the allowance of your happiness no matter what the situation is. Intuition is effortlessness.

-Jason Fitzgerald

Happiness comes first in the form of relief from stress or struggle, then gratitude that it wasn't as bad as you perceived it to be or that it never needed to be perceived as bad in the first place, and often with that comes laughter.

Inspired by these books:

Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives- Dan Millman

The Messiah Seed Volume I- Story Waters

R.I.P. Mom, I love you Mom. Mom's favorite quote "All everything we understand, we understand only because we love." People need to give interracial people and their single parents the benefit of that doubt before making accusations. I still can't believe that they're harassing me by giving me the run-around when it came to helping my mother recover and also with privacy and money.
Please do not misinterpret our life as some genetic defect (rather genetically effective) and spare me the genetic hearsay of surveillance. My privacy has been stolen and the end result was the loss of my mother. I believe she must have been dogma-cated and medicated to death. I believe that those individuals involved with this scandal have already suffered the lack of consciousness and pain involved with such a heartless scandal and deeply regret doing it. Thank you Mother for your caring and loving support throughout the years. It wasn't easy in such controversially diverse times and it isn't always easy to sort out the good from the bad but I know you did the best that you could. We are tired of racially and religiously prejudice leaders in life, medicine, money, surveillance, and law brainwashing families to kill each other with lies about relationships, money, and surveillance manipulation.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry when it comes to religion. I didn't get a real chance to get my mother to a health resort and pay for holistic healing because she wasn't close enough to where I lived. I don't know if she was convinced to die on the diabetic cross of the drug industry (or forced monogamy?) just to see if I would change my viewpoint of monogamy. Why do rehab nursing homes deny fasting and physical therapy healing in favor of processed food excess and mental drug overdose? Sometimes I just think that she is just playing Machiavelli and she still alive somewhere because I never saw her body. Regardless of what happens we will still continue to work for heaven on earth.
"Whatever life takes away from you, let it go. When you surrender and let go of the past, you allow yourself to be fully alive in the moment. Letting go of the past means that you can enjoy the dream that is happening right now." -The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

Lord, I thank you.(Infinite Light)
Lady, Mother of God, I appreciate this time and ability I have to pray. (Infinite Sound)
Lord, I appreciate all the blessings that can be easily taken for granted at times. (Infinite Love)

Lady, Mother of God, I pray that people begin to honor the God Paradox in the 10th commandment and people begin to both serve there husbands and wives as both man-servants, maidservants, husbands and wives. Please help people share and take turns serving and being served. I pray that people begin to acknowledge and respect interracial and single-racial people by not coveting their privacy and not using it to murder them.

Lord, I thank you.(Infinite Light, Sound, and Love). We give thanks to the people who help make this blog an inspirational outlet for sponsoring now and later career ventures of promoting heaven on earth.
Lady, Mother of God, out of the abundance of this appreciation, I pray to marry a woman who shares what we appreciate about each other in ways that raise and care for our families together in the love, in the light, and in the joy of infinite heaven(a better world).
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