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Dimensions of Moving STucK emotions

Rewiring the imprinted thought patterns to identify with the self of most desire alleviates and releases suffering through purification of mind, heart, spirit and body.

The Secret Law of Attraction in 700 words Story Waters 2/2

You are good enough to know when(and when not) to be what someone else considers "God."
You are God enough to know when(and when not) to be what someone else considers "good."

"Environmental concept of factory vs vehicle air polluting/cleaning circulation:
either have the factory pollute and the vehicles clean the air or vice versa."
-Jason I.F. either/or

"Because of this website, I inadvertently am being train in the importance of being a security guard. So any employer that needs a motivated and driven security guard engineer. I am a most likely candidate."
-Jason I.F. I could get some privacy to do business Then energy motions move.
A paradox looks crazy.
protecting 1, maintaining 2, healing 3
executive 1, judicial 2, legislative 3
parents 1, society 2, children 3
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Jason Fitzgerald
Jason Fitzgerald It's hard to ignore social stigmatisms that don't make sense(especially after studying math and physics) and also look primitive like not having 3 or 4 person marriages. Maybe the 3 person marriages are maintaining families, 4 person marriages are healing families.
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Jason Fitzgerald
Jason Fitzgerald It looks like as a society we have become self-destructively over protective and territorial as to where we basically force monogamous marriages and single parenting while simultaneously shortening our life spans globally. I believe we should be living...See More
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Jason Fitzgerald
Jason Fitzgerald Maybe at 18 yrs old 2 people marriages are legal (elected?), at 27 yrs old 3 people marriages are legal(elected?), and at 36 yrs old 4 people marriages are legal(elected?), and at 45 you and your partner(s) can get your sexual educators license.
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Jason Fitzgerald
Jason Fitzgerald I'm almost 39 yrs old. But I feel like I am being treated as though I am 9 yrs old. With people trying to force you into a celibate marriage to "God." I just want and need happiness that benefits all my friends.

"One who recognizes bad and good as one and the same - in this way he is absorbed into the Lord and Master.
Chacha: He created the four Vedas, the four sources of creation, and the four ages -
through each and every age, He Himself has been the Yogi, the enjoyer, the Pandit and the scholar."
-Sri Guru Granth Sahib

God is not always good when people use God's name in vain to lie and keep people from working for heaven on earth(a better world) because the god of forced monogamous marriages in not really a god.

Mr Mister - Broken Wings

Why are there no law schools on Native American Reservations?

You are good enough to know when(and when not) to be what someone else considers the Mother of "God."
You are the Mother of God enough to know when(and when not) to be what someone else considers "good."

I would rather believe in parallel incarnations then ghosts because, in that way, I can continue on an ever evolving relationship for a better world.
I would rather believe in synchronistically parallel lives then reincarnation. To me, punishing someone or rewarding someone because of a "past" or "future" life is an injustice. What is genetic heritage, but the "Ultimate Observer"(Unified Consciousness) observing. Everything is connected but if it is not connected in the right way it becomes very confusing and painful so we then create the illusion of disconnection and for some people that is atheism and other people it is religion. God wanted you to be born, so in my opinion you should remain spiritual but not religious until you get married into a religion of your choice not your parent's or your children's or your neighbor's choice but you and your partner(s) choices.

Some people seem to record what you do and then plan out deceiving you until they can get you to do what it is that they wanted you to do. I am tired of psychological abuse from forced surveillance groups who misinterpret
1. Privacy (its not stealing peoples' feces and making them eat it to death, it is quite the opposite)
2. Ghosts (They are group agreed upon parallel lives from memories)
3. Reincarnation (This is more accurately expressed as parallel incarnations based on space and time coincidences or DNA and astronomical coincidences)
4. Genetic Heritage (This is more of a group agreed upon expression of a family's and a society's thought patterns that could manifest in physical forms)

Spare us the Social/ Religious Dictators who determine what our:
1. "Past" lives are suppose to be.
2. "Privacy" is suppose to be.
3. Sexuality is suppose to be.
4. genetic "heritage" is suppose to be.

It's not a joke, but sometimes you either have to laugh or cry.
Monogamy is too quick to judge.
I feel like someone murder my mother and started brainwashing people about how the ghosts of forced celibacy religious law and the reincarnation of forced monogamy marriage law are haunting me.
Regardless of what happens we will still continue to work for heaven on earth.

Warm/cool your heart.

Lord, I thank you.(Infinite Light)
Lord, I appreciate this time and ability I have to pray. (Infinite Sound)
Lord, I appreciate all the blessings that can be easily taken for granted at times. (Infinite Love)

Lord, I pray that people begin to honor the God Paradox in the 10th commandment and people begin to both serve there husbands and wives as both man-servants, maidservants, husbands and wives. Please help people share and take turns serving and being serve. I pray that people begin to acknowledge and respect interracial and single-racial people by not coveting their privacy and not using it to murder them.

Lord, I thank you.(Infinite Light, Sound, and Love)
Lord, out of the abundance of this appreciation, I pray to pre-marry a woman who shares what we appreciate about each other in ways that raise and care for our families together in the love, in the light, and in the joy of infinite heaven(a better world).

Pray It Foward


Why are their people that do not report privacy invasion?
by: musix (contact) - 19 Apr '12 - 11:41
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