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Ongoing investigations, lawsuits, amendments, and votes against abusive monopolies, unfair laws and policies to raise and care for our families together in a heaven on earth and/or a better world. Ongoing research, education, grants, scholarships, and apprenticeships for healthy and uplifting balance of power to raise and care for our families together in a heaven on earth and/or a better world. Jason I.F.'s Blog What IF??? Blog is here: http://parallelharmony.com/harmony/
"I am only one
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something.
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."

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#1 2018-02-22 23:36:27

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astrology sign april 15

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#2 2018-10-09 08:18:56

From: Nigeria
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Re: astrology sign april 15

It agree, rather the helpful information


#3 2019-05-04 13:10:25

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Re: astrology sign april 15

thanks admin for tell the type of astrology can you tell me that Chinese astrology in which field may be western astrology and indian astrology is part of vedic astrology a i right


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