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Discerning Truth

We appreciate that we live in a place where we can discern truth for ourselves and share it with the people that we love.

First Experiment for the Science of Expression:

I hypothesize that maintaining optimum health for my physical and emotional body will most effortlessly contribute to a healthy environment and reconnect our sensitivity to the needs of our environment.

To test this experiment and another way to sponsor the science of expression is by participating in this experiment:
Begin by detoxifying your body through fasting, eating raw vegan foods, and enjoyable exercise. Through research, it looks as though taking a retreat at one of the places listed on Raw Food Planet Vacation Retreats , Healing Tao Retreats , and Optimal Health Newtork website would help.

Grow an organic garden that you can feed your family with. Send energy to your garden the way that it is described in the book Celestine Prophecy.

While your body begins to detoxify, synchronistically detoxify your emotions by letting go of irrational perspectives and judgments and by watching or reading joyously inspiring and relieving books and movies to acknowledge your true blissful presence of being here and now.

Join us and our friends at the Global Prayer Project. During the Prayer visualize the synchronicity between your physical/ emotional body and the physical/emotional body of our planet.

The theory is that by healing and evolving your physical/emotional level of health it will most effortlessly heal and evolve our global health.
Help participate in healing and evolving the way we express ourselves.

James Redfield - "Spiritual Experience" - part 1 of 6

Can someone please mix Judson University with University of Bridgeport?Please?! Both open admission with exception to some programs with academic requirements!

Dimensions of Moving STucK emotions

Rewiring the imprinted thought patterns to identify with the self of most desire alleviates and releases suffering through purification of mind, heart, spirit and body.

The Secret Law of Attraction in 700 words Story Waters 2/2

You are good enough to know when(and when not) to be what someone else considers "God."
You are God enough to know when(and when not) to be what someone else considers "good."

"Environmental concept of factory vs vehicle air polluting/cleaning circulation:
either have the factory pollute and the vehicles clean the air or vice versa."
-Jason I.F. either/or

"Because of this website, I inadvertently am being train in the importance of being a security guard. So any employer that needs a motivated and driven security guard engineer. I am a most likely candidate."
-Jason I.F. I could get some privacy to do business Then energy motions move. (more)