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The Secret Behind "The Secret"

Whoever keeps changing my blog without my consent is an accomplice in attempted murder. Was my mother possibly murdered by forced monogamous and forced celibate financial and surveillance enslavement groups that do everything they can to keep you from making friends? Please sponsor us with friendships for residential study groups. Do people pervert celibacy and monogamy to lie about interracial and single racial people?

I feel like people are playing some type of denied covert surveillance based blame game to just to get me to post this again or to never post anything again.

I feel like I have to live in a society where you have to sue people for things you don't even know you have to sue them for yet just to be treated fairly, let alone good. I don't want to be abused for being black and poly or white and celibate. I want to sue the planet for not allowing 4 person marriages and double couple monogamous marriages, because when people kidnap, disable, and murder each other because they are possessed by SATAN(holy scripture misinterpretation, racial prejudice, incest, sexual preference prejudice, gender prejudice, religious prejudice, and just plain ignorance) then even when things aren't as bad as they seem you can get abused for it because of those 7 things I call SATAN(the 7 deadly sins of humanity as a whole). I really feel that people are good at heart(sacred heart of Jesus, God, Universe, or Creator) and only participate in possibly murdering my mother by denying me protection from covert surveillance because they are possessed by SATAN.

luxuria (lechery/lust)[10][11][12]
gula (gluttony)
avaritia (avarice/greed)
acedia (sloth/discouragement)
ira (wrath)
invidia (envy)
superbia (pride)

If you know what I mean then good 4 you. Not everyone does... Sponsor Info Critical not arbitrarily critical.
How are you feeling? 6 It is hard for me to believe that there could be so many people that would honestly believe in lies. I am forced to take this into consideration and account for the loss of my Mother because of this. People with too much influence over others rushed to have people misinterpret this website intended to help my family actually used unauthorized surveillance(obviously you would have to be misinterpreting most everything about someone who you did not asked to steal their privacy) to harm them. I hope that I can find someone who has the patience to help me write a book about family so that my intention can be made clear.

Abraham: The Secret Behind "The Secret"-Esther & Jerry Hicks
Extended Edition Esther Hicks is missing- Original Edition has Esther Hicks-

There comes a point when there are ain't no way you can lie and there comes a point when there ain't no way you can tell the truth... Stress and Struggle can make a person tell you anything.

I am tired of people denying that they are using covert surveillance to abuse me and keep me from healthy sexual relationships.
Prince - Batdance (1989)

Thanks for understanding that I am not asking for your pity just your sponsorship in reporting and solving this interrogative surveillance and intimidating lies about monogamy, celibacy, polygamy,polygyny, polyandry,etc... (more)